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Will “John Doe” tactics against Scott Walker backfire?

Will “John Doe” tactics against Scott Walker backfire?

Walker has survived recalls and mayhem — the failing John Doe abuses may just add to his aura as the guy who stands up to Democratic bullying.

I have a post up at The Daily Caller this morning, Media Aids And Abets Left-Wing Smear Of Governor Scott Walker.

No, I am not “taking the Boeing.” Legal Insurrection still is my one and only home. But I am going to start publishing, occasionally, posts in a variety of other conservative and mainstream publications to reach audiences I might not otherwise reach, and to bring greater glory to the legal insurrection.

Here’s an excerpt, head over to The Daily Caller to read the whole thing:

The John Doe proceedings always have been politically motivated, and used in the war against Scott Walker.

It is no surprise that as Walker is being talked about as a potential presidential candidate, the smear has resurfaced and is being aided and abetted by the media.

After years of local prosecutors and left-wing activists working off the same playbook, perhaps these tactics will backfire in favor of Governor Walker.


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It is almost guaranteed that Walker & friends will crush this latest sore-loser insurgency. A federal lawsuit is pending which will likely result in a federal judge sanctioning the lefties, a large portion of whom are attorneys. Whether those attorneys can keep their Bar cards in that scenario is questionable and they are mostly all public officials and/or elected officials.

Once Citizens United came down, the leftists should have realized that this sort of behavior suddenly lost any presumption of good faith. But in their arrogance they assumed they could continue living in the past.

Their pain will be well deserved, and will be cheered on by this cranky tea partier (and I probably wouldn’t vote for Walker if I lived there). Right is right, no matter whose ox is getting gored.

“But I am going to start publishing, occasionally, posts in a variety of other conservative and mainstream publications…”

Good for you, Prof.

As to the Walker proposition, it already HAS backfired, and it will get worse for the Collectivist pukes who were using the power of their offices as demi-tyrants.

It will be fun to watch, too…!!!

Pretty good high-level wrap-up for that venue Prof. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the intricate details of the issue of the day that we forget that most people aren’t even aware there’s an issue.

Hi Professor,

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No! You’re leaving us. I know it. My insecurity meter just peaked. Good thing I ordered a half dozen blocks of Xanax in salt lick form from that Canadian pharmacy with the money my friend, the Nigerian Prince, is sending me.

We saw Republicans go silent when the political assassins of the left targeted Sarah Palin. Will we see the same sort of gutless cowering by the GOP in the case of Scott Walker?

“refuge in the Court of Public Opinion, having lost in this Court of law.” Pretty much sums it up why this will be a difficult fight. Low information voters will only remember the headlines in the papers and local news broadcasts.

What vexes the Wisconsin Dems (and more than a few Republicans) is that Scott Walker is an authentic standup guy. He is definitely a career politician, but he’s rather atypical in many ways. The fact that his political opponents have futilely expended so many resources searching for dirt is sort of a testament to Walker’s character. Being fair and honest has been a really tough sell for him in Wisconsin; not just with the voters, but with colleagues and special interests as well. Too many folks don’t like that fair and honest thingy.

Badger Pundit | June 23, 2014 at 1:51 pm

You haven’t heard? Walker’s gonna get impeached, at least according to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz (though he’s prone to fantasy, having stated in June 2012 that Walker might be indicted within days):

I’m afraid all of you might understimate Wisconsin liberal voters. This smear tactic against Walker can and maybe will work. The low Info voters read headlines and the headlines are skewed. WI is a true purple state and Walker might get defeated in the court of public opinion because of the likes of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal’s never ending onslaught against Gov. Walker

When the big lie got floated to MSM nationwide on this story last week, I was able to talk about it in a way that makes people close to me very scared.

Thanks LI.

Walker is right up there with who the Left fears the most. Remember, Reagan stood up to the unions. Walker can count himself in good company.

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