I have a post up at The Daily Caller this morning, Media Aids And Abets Left-Wing Smear Of Governor Scott Walker.

No, I am not “taking the Boeing.” Legal Insurrection still is my one and only home. But I am going to start publishing, occasionally, posts in a variety of other conservative and mainstream publications to reach audiences I might not otherwise reach, and to bring greater glory to the legal insurrection.

Here’s an excerpt, head over to The Daily Caller to read the whole thing:

The John Doe proceedings always have been politically motivated, and used in the war against Scott Walker.

It is no surprise that as Walker is being talked about as a potential presidential candidate, the smear has resurfaced and is being aided and abetted by the media.

After years of local prosecutors and left-wing activists working off the same playbook, perhaps these tactics will backfire in favor of Governor Walker.


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