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Unsustainable Models Week at College Insurrection

Unsustainable Models Week at College Insurrection

Another week of reports from the world of higher education.

Higher education can’t keep going the way it has been.

Everyone is trying to figure out new ways to stay afloat.

But the writing is on the wall.

Of course, not everyone has the same priorities.

Some people are doing well despite current conditions. Especially in athletics.

At least we can have a sense of humor about things.

Obama doesn’t seem to get how serious the problems are.

Department of LGBTQ and Gender Studies update…

Military campus news update…

Some things never change…

But sometimes there are surprises…

And exciting new innovations…

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Instead of finding new and elaborate ways to finance college for every single person, couldn’t we just find some way to craft a basic skills and intelligence test that wouldn’t be banned by the courts? A “functionally literate and numerate” certification? That used to be a high school diploma, but let’s be realistic and substitute something else.

How can colleges be short of money? My grand daughter applied to 4 colleges, each of which charged her a $50.00 application fee. If every person who applies to college does the same, and I assume they do, the colleges are getting tons of money from people who will not attend there.

Unsustainable models? Well, then get them to eat more.