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Unaffirmative Action Week at College Insurrection

Unaffirmative Action Week at College Insurrection

It was another week of mayhem in higher education.

An odd thing is happening at UCLA.

Race based admissions…

Something ugly is also happening at Temple University.

And what’s up with all the false rape allegations?

Maybe it has something to do with bad policies.

Compare and contrast the following items:

Conservative is still a dirty word on campus.

So, this actually happened…

Department of Religious Studies update:

There was big trouble in Chicago this week.

And at Berkeley…

This sort of thing used to be frowned upon.

And this was kind of dumb…

I think we need to work on our academic standards.

And our social skills…

Oh, the irony…

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That Occidental story is stunning.

The College Board story is revolting. The education system has its sword’s point pressed against America’s throat and is about to thrust with this curriculum.