This is what happens when a Center for American Progess Vice President guest blogs at CAP’s captive media organ, Think Progess.

Did Sergeant Bergdahl Desert The Army Or Did The Army Desert Him? (emphasis added):

“Deserter” might be the appropriate label for SGT Bowe Bergdahl, America’s only prisoner of war until he was released last week in a controversial swap for five Taliban detainees. It is an ugly word, ripe and sticky with betrayal. It means a soldier sworn to defend his nation has left his post without permission, and with no plan to return. He has abandoned his comrades. It is worse than away with out leave, for AWOL soldiers come back and face the appropriate disciplinary action. It leaves you short, just short, of being a traitor.

But it is just as likely that Bergdahl was the one deserted by an Army that could not keep up with the mental health needs of deployed force.

Never change, Think Progress, never change.

Think Progress Army Deserted Bergdahl

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