This interview by NPR of Hillary Clinton on the issue of gay marriage should be a reminder that while the stars are in alignment for Hillary 2016, her own weaknesses as a candidate still could be her undoing.

Put aside what you think of gay marriage — this interview reveals the thin-skinned, evasive, contrived Hillary who threw the stars out of alignment in 2008.

The reviews have been horrible, so much so that Buzzfeed even created a listicle of her evasiveness.

Samuel Gonzalez at The Last Tradition points out one sentence in the interview (at 1:57), that also jumped out at me when I heard the interview the first time:

“One of my big problems right now is too many people believe they have a direct line to the Divine and they never want to change their minds about anything they’re never open to new information and they like to operate in a evidence free zone.”

So, anyone who disagrees on the issue is completely closed-minded, is that what you’re saying Hillary? Like you and Barack Obama were until politics dictated you evolve?

Just admit it, Hillary, you led from behind. You read the polls, your consultants told you what you needed to do for 2016, and you have the canned lines. But when pushed, you really don’t have an answer as to why you evolved other than politics.

You may have evolved on an issue, but you haven’t evolved as a candidate.

(Featured Image Source: Hillary Clinton at 1992 Inaugural Ball, credit Henry Dunay via Wikimedia Commons)