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The worst line in Hillary’s blackboard-scratchingly bad NPR interview

The worst line in Hillary’s blackboard-scratchingly bad NPR interview

The thin-skinned, evasive, contrived Hillary on full display.

This interview by NPR of Hillary Clinton on the issue of gay marriage should be a reminder that while the stars are in alignment for Hillary 2016, her own weaknesses as a candidate still could be her undoing.

Put aside what you think of gay marriage — this interview reveals the thin-skinned, evasive, contrived Hillary who threw the stars out of alignment in 2008.

The reviews have been horrible, so much so that Buzzfeed even created a listicle of her evasiveness.

Samuel Gonzalez at The Last Tradition points out one sentence in the interview (at 1:57), that also jumped out at me when I heard the interview the first time:

“One of my big problems right now is too many people believe they have a direct line to the Divine and they never want to change their minds about anything they’re never open to new information and they like to operate in a evidence free zone.”

So, anyone who disagrees on the issue is completely closed-minded, is that what you’re saying Hillary? Like you and Barack Obama were until politics dictated you evolve?

Just admit it, Hillary, you led from behind. You read the polls, your consultants told you what you needed to do for 2016, and you have the canned lines. But when pushed, you really don’t have an answer as to why you evolved other than politics.

You may have evolved on an issue, but you haven’t evolved as a candidate.

(Featured Image Source: Hillary Clinton at 1992 Inaugural Ball, credit Henry Dunay via Wikimedia Commons)


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Is this the party of whom she was speaking?

Every day that goes by shows that killary and o-bow-mao lie, are pathological liars and must have a touch of insanity to think that no one will discover the lies! ( most recent example – the Benghazi cellphones used by the terrorists, monitored by CIA-DIA-NSA )

    The cell phone usage by the terrorists is telling in a much more chilling fashion. It indicates that the ambassador or his staff did not even have a security code on their phone, allowing full access to his text messages, phone call records, address book, and even possibly his email. Every possible intelligence asset that he had contacted in the city was instantly outed, and most likely murdered due to this single security violation.

She sounds like a Catholic bishop before the Reformation: how dare the peasants think they can speak to God directly! Only we educated elites can do that. If the peasants want to communicate with God, they need to go through us (and the privilege of doing so will cost them!).

Guess what, Hillary? You’re not any smarter or better or more “entitled” than the rest of us, despite what they told you at Yale. And judging from your sordid history, you’re a lot less ethical and intelligent than most of the people you seek to rule over.

In true post-modern, moral relativistic mode, Hill-larry confuses the moral views of people informed by religious principle or by reason predicated on human experience all through history with “stubbornness” at best or bigotry at worst.

Her “morality” is the vogue position of the mob.

Such a person can never be a leader. Only a crass, cynical opportunists, otherwise known as “Collectivist politician”.

She’s always been thin-skinned and evasive. Insecure people always are. What is happening to her is that what has worked in the past isn’t going to cut it now. The rules changed and those playing the game haven’t gotten that yet. She has no morals and her “beliefs” are what they need to be at that moment. The last thing we need is another POTUS who only wants the job for self-interest.

Hillary, if you believe what you just said – “too many people believe they have a direct line to the Divine and they never want to change their minds about anything they’re never open to new information and they like to operate in a evidence free zone” –


Why haven’t you leveled these charges at Muslims and their Islam?

They believe, they truly, truly believe that their Quran is the DIRECT word of their Allah and that the penal code known as the Shariah, sourced in that direct line, must be imposed here and now.


dorsaighost | June 13, 2014 at 1:24 pm

stupid and old is no way to run for President … she couldn’t run a lemonade stand …

Another fascinating interview. The condescension towards people of faith is outstanding, you can feel the look of pity towards the “poor people who feel they have a line to the Divine” just dripping off her face. It would have been nice to see a follow-up question about Hillary Clinton, her faith and belief in God.

Her obfuscation about “states’ rights” in the interview is also interesting. She basically implies that gay marriage is a discrimination issue (her description) that should be challenged along state lines, while employment discrimination is discrimination that she feels able to take on in the Senate at the federal level. What is the principle at play here? Her feeling for “state’s rights” doesn’t come across as genuine but rather a useful political tool to achieve change because of course, there are blue states and red states so her followers can get what they want. I would have liked a follow-up question asking her to define how she thinks of “state’s rights”.

Finally what really comes across (apart from the thin-skinned suspicious nature) is the utter lack of leadership, the total inability to take a position and argue for the position unless she knows that it already has majority support. Even positions that she has a clear opinion about. Of course all politicians do this to some extent but we expect our leaders to display a modicum of leadership. I cannot think of any single incident in her career where she took a lead. And, unlike some, I can actually think of a single achievement from her Secretary of State days. When the wikileaks cables were released, dictators all over the world were upset to read the personal comments written about them in State Dept dispatches. Hillary was able to use her celebrity currency to talk to them and mollify them by pointing out all the horrible things that have been written about her and Bill. Basically her only use to the country as Secretary of State was her international currency as a celebrity. We could have put Kim Kardashian in that position with exactly the same impact.

Hillary evolved on Iraq and she evolved on Gay Marriage. Was she ever pro-life? If she wants to fix ObamaCare I’d love to hear what specifically needs fixing. I’m wondering if she has core unshakable values that can’t be negotiated no matter which way the wind is blowing.

Hillary’s core unshakable belief is progressive fascism and that she should have the same tyrannical power that Tyrant Obama the Liar has.

Why does that picture of Hillary in gold foil make me think of Ming the Merciless? Our world is in danger!

So, what’s up with the vacuum cleaner bag with arm holes, Hillary? Trying to shake that whole pantsuit image?

That treasonous, commie, homosexual, criminal, mass murdering drunken pig hasn’t even evolved into a human being yet.

inspectorudy | June 13, 2014 at 7:04 pm

This once again proves a theory that I adopted years ago about Hillary. The more she is exposed to honest and penetrating questions from any source she will plummet in the polls. She cannot think on her feet and once she is angry she will do and say just about anything. Her aides still talk about her “Enemies” list and how she NEVER forgets a slight. Can you just imagine how she would use the IRS or EPA to go after anyone who has slighted her?

Denigrates individual dignity, devalues human life, and redistributes “change”. What a difference she makes now.

She doesn’t support bigamy, polygamy, et cetera? Bigot. With her advocacy for homosexual couplets, there is no principled argument to oppose normalization of all dysfunctional behaviors.

With her support for women’s “rights” (e.g. abortion/murder), she does not even have standing to oppose incestuous relationships. Not only does she consider evolutionary principles to be negotiable; but, any freakish reproduction can be aborted/terminated in a clinic.

I wonder if she was always corrupt; or did her adulterous husband cause a mental break.

Please, please, please, don’t be gentlemen when Shrillary Shrooooo runs. Hammer at her disdain for the First Amendment. Ask why her Whitewater records were “lost” until, ocnveniently, the statute of limitations expired. Ask why she ignored all the warnings from AmEmbassy Tripoli. Ask what she was smoking when she decided to have Ambassador Stevens drop into Benghazi, a hotbed of Qaida symapthy, just before 9/11. Ask her why the advance of ISIS in Iraq is a matter of concern when she pushed a policy of aiding its counterparts and allies in Syria.