Joni Ernst and Chris McDaniel had no chance of winning, until she won outright and he won but is in a runoff.

Both came out of nowhere because voters rallied around a Tea Party backed candidate. In the case of Mississippi, the battle was against a legacy entitled incumbent.

The lesson is not to forget Kansas, where Dr. Milton Wolf is challenging legacy entitled incumbent Pat Roberts in the August 5 primary.

Roberts has tons of money and the Republican establishment behind him.  And a house in Virginia which is his real home.

It can happen again.  Don’t settle for less.

Dr. Wolf could use our help to level the playing field so that the people of Kansas get to decide based on the issues and future, not who has the most money for TV ads, consultants and political insiders.

If you are going to make a donation to a Senate candidate this year, make it Dr. Wolf, and as soon as possible.


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