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Sunday Night Links

Sunday Night Links

Updates on Bergdahl story, Obama to issue executive order on student loans, parents outraged over photos shown in sex-ed class

A roundup of weekend links to catch up on stories you may have missed.

* Video from story above, via Washington Free Beacon


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Doug Ross has another story that is going to get bigger: Remember the Chinook helicopter that was downed in Afghanistan by a shoulder-fired missile? Well, it seems investigators found remnants in the wreckage, including a fragment with the serial number.

It was a Stinger missile – a new one, not the old ones left over from the ’80s that the CIA transshipped to Afghanistan. AND part of lot requisitioned by our friends at . . . CIA.

Ross’ sources suspect (but cannot yet verify) that they are part of lot sent to Qatar in 2011, supposedly bound for anti-Qaddafi rebels in Libya. Perhaps those Ambassador Stevens was attempting to reclaim in Benghazi. But this much is still unconfirmed.

It’s about Europe’s oil dependence; China’s oil dependence; Japan’s oil dependence; India’s oil dependence.

That said, I look forward to when they are forced to complete a full life cycle, from recovery to reclamation, of so-called “green” or “renewable” energy technologies in America. Perhaps people will have a better understanding of what it means to live in a world with finitely available or accessible resources.

Then again, they may not. If they can ignore the environmental damage caused during deployment of “green” or “renewable” technologies now, then they can certainly compensate their vision to ignore the consequences evident in the other stages. Only rainbows and unicorns as far as some eyes can see.

    n.n in reply to n.n. | June 9, 2014 at 12:48 am

    Oh, and oil, it’s not just an energy source. It’s also not inherently an environmental hazard. Context and concentration matters.

    Also, with over 400 operational civilian reactors globally, it’s past time to overcome our irrational fear of nuclear technology.

The administrators and teachers will not be happy about this executive order. I don’t think that people who fully paid the inflated prices of higher education will be thrilled either.

Thanks federal government. First, for the inflated prices. Second, for the “reform”… to shift responsibility for the first act.

This is reminiscent of health care “reform” or the great success of Fannie and Freddie to transfer debt and sponsor inflation.

Is it customary to return prisoners of war or conflict before the cessation of a war or conflict? It seems to be an illogical action to take in the course of combat.

I’ve long considered the annual Portland Naked Bike Ride to be just an event for people to get their collective freaks on.

Public nudity is not, in itself, illegal in Oregon, but to be done at this scale it has to be a “political protest” to be considered protected “speech.”

Thus, I believe the “protest” is a cover – for people who just want a chance to ride around … er … uncovered.