This video was brought to public attention with fawning praise at, Senior Prank Gone Right: High School Students Hire Mariachi Band To Trail Principal:

There’s a fine line between funny and, well, not when it comes to senior pranks, and with 18-year-olds doing the decision-making on appropriateness sometimes things can understandably get a little not appropriate. A group of seniors at a Santa Barbara, California high school, however, kind of nailed it this week by hiring a four-piece mariachi band to trail the school’s principal.

The band kept at it for an hour-and-a-half.

The praise for the prank is all over the media and I’ve yet to find anyone attacking the prank as “culturally insensitive” or a “cultural appropriation.” Oh, someone probably is or will, it’s just not prominent, unlike the criticism of most uses of Cinqo de Mayo:

Stanford University’s Inter-Sorority Council hosted a public forum last week in response to protests against a Cinco de Mayo-themed fundraiser at Pi Beta Phi and a number of other Greek life events.

“As a rule of thumb, if an item or tradition is stripped of its original intent or cultural significance, it’s probably cultural appropriation,” said the moderator in opening the discussion.

He added cultural appropriation is the stealing of intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission – and it’s made worse when “the source is a minority group that has historically been oppressed.”

I wonder why the difference?