It can be very hard to distinguish progressive political and social positions from parody.

Remember the video “White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry”? Was it parody?  Not sure we ever got a definitive answer on that.

What about’s white writers’ obsession with Whiteness? Real.

White privilege conferences? Real.

There is a strange lack of connection of so many progressive manias to reality, that it’s hard to know what is real or not.  Even for progressives.

There was a major trolling of leftist feminists and Gender Studies types on Twitter, with the hastage “#EndFathersDay.”  It was started at 4Chan, but feminists ran with it apparently believing it to be true.  Some of the tweets were hysterical — but impossible to tell if part of the group trolling or the leftist feminists who thought it was real.

Twitchy and Frontpage Mag collected some of the tweets of people who thought it was real. Some had been deleted after being highlighted as stupid, such as this one (screenshot saved by Weasel Zippers):

These people had a good laugh:

Another hoax hastag that caught on was #whitescantberaped, playing off of White Privilege theory.

This one was exposed quicker, but not before the mockery was complete:

For all these fake progressive hashtags, Charles C.W. Cooke made the correct point that it doesn’t matter that they started out as parody, the progressives picked them up as if they were real:

What does it say about modern progressive social justice thought that it is hard to tell progressive from parody — even for them!

(Featured image source: @bustle)


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