Should be a bumper sticker for those who oppose immigration amnesty and voted last night to defeat Eric Cantor.

Alternative national headline: “I’m against lawlessness, and I vote”

That lawlessness is reflected at the border where tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors are crossing over in anticipation of amnesty, or at least being allowed to stay under Obama’s administration DREAM provisions.

The lawlessness also was reflected at Eric Cantor’s campaign gathering last night, where pro-amnesty protesters charged into the room shortly after Cantor left and in the words of WaPo, created “chaos”:

Here’s the report from CBS 6:

Immediately after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor exited the room following his concession speech, a group of political demonstrators stormed inside, at the Westin Hotel off Forest Avenue.

They came in shouting and waving a large flag, along with a red shirt printed with the name CASA De Virginia.

The group defines itself as a community organization that protects civil rights, according to their Twitter page.

Several skirmishes occurred as the crowd shouted swarmed into the room. Someone in the group knocked the glasses off of a CASA de Virginia member. A Cantor supporter was put in a choke hold, seemingly by someone trying to remove her from the room.

Plates of food were tipped over and demonstrators were also pushed around. At this time it doesn’t seem as though any arrests were made.