Hillary Clinton and her closest allies know that Benghazi spells big trouble for her in 2016, especially with a select committee poised to launch a new investigation with a fresh round of questions.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Clinton is trying to cut them off at the pass by addressing the subject in her new memoir. It’s just an attempt to claim that all the questions surrounding the attack have already been answered. They haven’t.

Jim Geraghty of National Review weighed in recently…

Politico obtains the Benghazi-related chapter of Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming memoir, and describes it here.

You are unlikely to be surprised to learn that she attacks the motives of her critics, contends the intelligence community believed the attack started as a protest — even though she was the one who first issued a statement declaring the attack video-related, while it was still going on — and contends the government did everything it could to rescue those under attack.

Stephen F. Hayes of The Weekly Standard offered this…

According to Politico, Clinton once again attempts to hide behind the findings of the Accountability Review Board and dismisses those who have raised questions about its impartiality. The ARB, she writes, “had unfettered access to anyone and anything they thought relevant to their investigation, including me if they had chosen to do so.” It’s no surprise that Clinton is concerned about the credibility of the ARB. The flawed report, produced after a flawed and incomplete investigation, has been the centerpiece of the administration’s public case on Benghazi. Her defense doesn’t withstand scrutiny.

That the leaders of ARB could have interviewed Clinton doesn’t excuse the fact that they didn’t, as Clinton implies. How is it possible to have a serious investigation of the State Department and the decisions that left the Benghazi facility so vulnerable without talking to the secretary of state? Much of the dispute about the lead up to the Benghazi attacks involves what Secretary Clinton knew—or didn’t know—about the security requests made by those on the ground. But the ARB didn’t even ask her about these issues.

Ironically, Hillary’s book may raise more questions than it attempted to answer.