Gigantic soda lovers, rejoice! It is safe to go back to New York City again. The nanny-esque “Big Gulp ban” instituted by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been dealt a death blow by the state’s highest court.

The NY State Court of Appeals ruled today that the NYC health department exceeded its authority by approving a 16-ounce maximum on the sale of sodas and reinstated the ability of retailers to sell oversized soft drinks.

The city had hoped Thursday’s ruling would overturn a lower court’s decision that blocked the restrictions after restaurants, theater owners, beverage companies and small stores sued.

“We are pleased that the lower courts’ decisions were upheld,” the American Beverage Association said in a statement after the decision was handed down. The restrictions, if reinstated, “would have created an uneven playing field for thousands of small businesses in the city and limited New Yorkers’ freedom of choice.”

City Health Commission Mary T. Bassett said the administration of current Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to look for ways “to limit the pernicious effects of aggressive and predatory marketing of sugary drinks and unhealthy foods.”

Maybe now Mayor DeBlasio can free up some time to instead fight the seemingly more pernicious spread of rats throughout the Big Apple.

The full court decision can be read here.