Chicago long has been a center of Communist Party USA activity.

This video from 2011 shows the CPUSA protesting in support of the Occupy movement in Chicago:

Today in Chicago was the 95th Anniversary celebration, as Ron Grossman of the Chicago Tribune reports:

Communist Party USA gathers in Chicago

“I finally realized, I didn’t believe in the other side,” said Gosman, a retired employee of the Los Angeles school system.

The Chicago convention will feature three days of speeches, panel discussions and workshops. One session will be devoted to catching up with an online era.

Communists, like other radicals, traditionally recruit by hawking the party’s paper on street corners. But financial constraints have forced the People’s World to abandon its print edition. So one question up for discussion is how can put the party in touch with low-paid workers, environmentalists and advocates for social justice?

Of course, the complete story of the run-up to World War II isn’t something of which communists can be proud. In 1939, Stalin and Hitler became allies, forcing communists everywhere to abandon their anti-war campaign — until the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, two years later.

Those flip-flops still haunt American communists, noted Tim Yeager, who juggles three roles: United Auto Workers union organizer, Communist official and Episcopal priest.

“I’m new to this, so I don’t know all that much about communism,” said Mateo, 23, an AFL-CIO field worker. Still, she knew she wanted to mark her newfound hope for a better future for others to see. She had a hammer and sickle tattooed on her forearm.

As you read the full report above, you may notice the CPUSA using terms like social justice, income inequality and one percent.

Sound familiar?

(Featured image: Chicago Tribuine Video)


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