We previously wrote about the dismissal of Dr. Brendan Bain, a pioneer in anti-HIV/AIDS research and care in the Caribbean, after he submitted an accurate affidavit in a controversial Belize lawsuit, Pioneering University HIV/AIDS researcher sacked over accurate but politically incorrect court testimony.

The affidavit documented that gay men are at high risk for HIV/AIDs infection, a seemingly non-controversial position, but which caused gay rights activists to demand his dismissal from a research position at the University of West Indies in Jamaica.

Protests in support of Dr. Bain followed, and Dr. Bain recently obtained a court injunction against dismissal, UWI to comply with injunction barring removal of Bain:

We will comply.

That’s the response from the University of the West Indies, UWI, to the Supreme Court injunction restraining it from removing Dr Brendan Bain as Director of the CHART Regional Coordinating Unit.

In a notice in the press on Friday, UWI said it will respect the ruling pending the outcome of the application for administrative order, a claim for constitutional relief or further order.

The injunction was granted a week ago and will remain in effect until the hearing of a lawsuit which has been filed.

Lawyers representing Bain want him to remain in the post pending the outcome of the lawsuit challenging the termination of his contract.

Bain was issued termination letter by the UWI in May after gay-rights ‎groups and sympathisers pressured the university following his expert evidence in a case in Belize, where a gay man had challenged the constitutionality of law that makes it a criminal act for men to have sex with each other.

We are in the process of obtaining the court pleadings, and will post if and when available.

The controversy surrounding the termination continues to reverberate, with accusations that some of the groups which pressured UWI to fire Dr. Bain were just front groups, and more protests planned.


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