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Uncomfortable Learning Week at College Insurrection

Uncomfortable Learning Week at College Insurrection

Sometimes learning new things is uncomfortable.

Sometimes certain words make people uncomfortable.

Some people are made uncomfortable by religion.

Some people are made uncomfortable by the US Constitution for some reason.

Quite a few college professors are uncomfortable around Republicans.

And lots of people in academia seem to be uncomfortable around men.

And Pro-Life displays.

The truth often makes people uncomfortable.

The flip side of being uncomfortable is being too comfortable which can make you say or do stupid things.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to feel uncomfortable.

The good news is that students who persevere in the face of discomfort.

Usually come out on top.

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Excellent video by Prager. A must-see.

Regarding the student accepted to all the Ivy League schools. I read this last week, and the first thing that popped into my head was “Why would someone who must be so clearly outstanding bother applying to all of them, wasting those application fees”. The second was wondering if this achievement by a student whose parents immigrated from Ghana is actually a story about how much easier it is to get accepted if you not only are one of the many excellent student applicants, but also are judged by a different set of admissions criteria.

It’s not “higher” education, but the Discovery Channel has cancelled a show on bad teachers who have sex with students – under pressure from teachers’ unions.

“Bad teachers – coming soon to a school near you!”

Excellent aggregation well sorted. I’m impressed.