Much has already been written about the Satanic black mass which was supposed to take place at Harvard last week but I feel MSNBC’s recent participation in the story warrants one more post on the subject.

In the video below, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes attempts to make some moral equivalency between Satanism, Christianity, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. What he fails to understand and neglects to adequately explain to his handful of viewers is that the outrage over the Harvard black mass wasn’t an attempt to squelch the religious rights of Satanists as much as it was recognition of extremely poor taste on Harvard’s part.

Whether you like the school or not, Harvard is one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning and is therefore held to a higher standard. In short, people expect better from Harvard.

As a spiritual entity, Satanism would not exist without Christianity. The very central premise of Satanism is the rejection and mockery of Christianity, which explains why a host on MSNBC would rush to defend it.

One has to wonder if MSNBC would defend free speech and freedom of religion if a group of Harvard students decided to burn a Koran on campus.

Jim Geraghty of National Review recently noted the irony…

Dear Harvard Satanists: Go to Hell. I Hear You’re a Fan of the Management:

You let’s-mock-religion guys set up the incentives for the faithful with your own behavior. If a religious person responds the way the loudest Muslims do, everybody’s too scared to mock them. If a religious person responds in the nice and tolerant way the Christians and Jews traditionally do, they’re the butt of every joke and everybody’s favorite punching bag. The satirists of organized religion must be astonishingly slow-witted if they thought other religions wouldn’t notice their habits of self-censorship.

Here’s the MSNBC segment featuring the head of New York’s Satanic Temple. He clearly thinks he and his fellow devil worshipers were the victims in all this. Chris Hayes is all to happy to indulge them.

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