I just don’t know how much more I can take of the escalating brawl between The NY Times and its fired Executive Editor Jill Abramson.

Abramson is playing the sexism card on The Times the way The Times plays the sexism card on Republicans.

The Times responded by playing the “nuts” defense on Abramson.

What did I do to deserve such pleasure?  Please tell me so I can do it again.

This latest, though, is just precious, via Hollywood Reporter (h/t @DrudgeReport)(emphasis added):

Jill Abramson delivered an honest, inspired speech to Wake Forest’s 2014 graduating class Monday.

In her first public appearance since she was, as she put it, “fired” by the New York Times last Wednesday, Abramson preached resilience to those now also uncertain of what they would be doing next….

She also revealed that Anita Hill was one of those who reached out to her in the wake of her firing, saying “those messages have been so appreciated.”

Does anyone know if Sandra Fluke has been heard from yet on this?


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