Former house speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that Democrats will not participate in the new select committee on Benghazi.

The Washington Examiner reported…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has rejected the terms of a GOP-created select committee on Benghazi, but Republicans are moving ahead without them.

A top aide to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, told the Washington Examiner that the Benghazi Select Committee met today for the first time and plans to move ahead with its investigation, despite the missing Democrats.

“We made a fair offer,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. “We hope they appoint Democrats. At this point, it’s time to get to work.”

Pelosi, D-Calif., rejected the panel’s terms in letter to Boehner that was in response to GOP proposal about the select panel would operate.

When she made her announcement to the press yesterday, Pelosi inadvertently said something true about Benghazi.

Via the Washington Free Beacon, emphasis is mine…

Pelosi Brushes Off Benghazi

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) ignorantly and falsely declared that Benghazi is an issue of the past by condemning the GOP’s decision to enact a Select Committee in an effort to bring justice to those whose relatives were killed in the violent terrorist attack two years ago.

Speaking at a news conference Friday, Pelosi told reporters “Either people have gotten tired of Benghazi or they never knew about it in the first place.”

Ms. Pelosi may not realize it but she’s absolutely right about that last part.

When the attack in Benghazi happened in 2012, the media circled their wagons around Obama and made sure that the only thing people knew about Benghazi was that it was a non-story.

In fact, many Americans are probably hearing about Benghazi for the first time which explains quite a few things.

Watch Pelosi’s grand declaration below.

Featured image via YouTube.


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