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MSNBC Sure Likes to Talk About the Koch Brothers

MSNBC Sure Likes to Talk About the Koch Brothers

Koch Derangement Syndrome alive and well at MSNBC

The folks at MSNBC are very displeased that FOX News has been reporting on Benghazi. One writer at the progressive network has even suggested that the new select committee exists because Republicans have few other options…

With few other options, Republicans double down on Benghazi

The economy is looking up. Obamacare isn’t self-destructing. Putin may have overplayed his hand. So what’s a Republican to do?


The GOP-led House voted 232-186 Thursday evening to formally establish a select committee, to be chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attacks and the Obama administration’s response to them. Just seven Democrats voted for the resolution.

Of course, you won’t find anyone on the network’s TV line up talking about the investigation of Benghazi. So what do they like to talk about on the air?

Caleb Howe of The Right Scoop points to the answer…

What Did MSNBC Talk About This Week? Was It Benghazi? No? WHAT WAS IT???

I’m dying to find out. Someone tell me stat! Thank goodness digitas daily is here to fill the void.

Here you go…

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While that was amazing, and an obvious example of the fact that the Left wants an absolute monopoly on all thought and speech, still – the whole thing is overridden by the voice of Al Sharpton, an actual Nazi with blood-stained hands who has been legitimized by the Democratic Party, MSNBC, and the President and Attorney General of the US. To me, that is scarier than even the administration’s apathy towards the lives of those who serve the country.

But with MSNBC’s market share — are the ginned-up stories about the Koch brothers getting any traction with the average American? I doubt it . . . .

Is MSNBC taking money from George Soros? If so, that would explain why they think the Koch brothers are so nefarious.

“Resist we much!” – the intellect of MSNBC