From Vanity Fair, Monica Exclusive: Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair with President Clinton:

After 10 years of virtual silence (“So silent, in fact,” she writes, “that the buzz in some circles has been that the Clintons must have paid me off; why else would I have refrained from speaking out? I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth”), Lewinsky, 40, says it is time to stop “tiptoeing around my past—and other people’s futures. I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I’ve decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I can take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past. (What this will cost me, I will soon find out.)” …,

“Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship. Any ‘abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. . . . The Clinton administration, the special prosecutor’s minions, the political operatives on both sides of the aisle, and the media were able to brand me. And that brand stuck, in part because it was imbued with power.”

Which brings to mind this Branco cartoon:

Hillary Clinton War on Women

Want to know how in-the-tank the media still is for Bubba? Here’s how USA Today headlines it:

She didn’t accuse him of rape, so what does consent have to do with it? He was a powerful boss who took advantage of a young intern. That used to be a prime offense.

Let’s go to the videotapes (Warning – Creepy):

(Featured Image credit: AP)


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