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Friday Night Links

Friday Night Links

Some links of interest for your Friday evening reading and viewing.


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The news that everyone missed this week was the first week in history that everyone got along. Everyone agreed to discuss all of their differences in a calm courteous way and work to make things better for everyone. The President told his supporters to stop calling everyone who disagrees with him a racist. Universities announced they were putting more of their resources in STEM programs and cutting all majors that have the word “studies” in them. Additionally they were only going to consider admission based on merit and they were only going to pay their faculty based on merit. Nancy Pelosi announced that it is far more important to redistribute responsibility than wealth and that everyone must contribute more than they take for any society to work.


And yes, it is legal in Washington State and it is, like really, good shit dude.

Carney was always a lying little creep, but it is becoming evident to ever more people these days.

Bruno Lesky | May 17, 2014 at 8:43 am

Re: Carney.: This condescending pr**k reflects the attitude of the WH he serves.

Government Privilege personified.