Andrew Branca wrote the other day about his bet with CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin, recorded on air at the Berkeley Law School Stand Your Ground debate, CNN analyst welches on bet after Andrew Branca wins “Stand-Your-Ground” Debate.

The bet was over whether George Zimmerman was told not to leave his car when he was on the phone with 911 prior to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. When a panelist claimed Zimmerman was told not to leave his car, Branca offered a $100 wager that such an order never took place.

CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin took Branca up on the bet.

It’s on video:

Of course, as anyone who followed the trial knows, there was no such instruction not to leave the car.

The mention by the 911 operator that “we don’t need you to do that” was not an order — by the 911 operator’s own testimony — and in any event, took place after Zimmerman already had exited the car. See my long ago post, In busting Zimmerman myths, Jonathan Capehart perpetuates the greatest myth of all, in which I presented the transcript and video of trial testimony.

According to Branca, Hostin has not paid the wager, even though he sent her the audio of the 911 call and has tweeted demands for payment to her.

In his post yesterday, Andrew noted that there was an entry on Hostin’s Wikipedia page regarding the Berkeley debate mentioning the wager and failure to pay. 

Sunny Hostin Wiki with debate welch

As of this writing, the entry still is there, but there’s been an editing war with someone using the name “Sunny Hostin” trying to edit it:

Sunny Hostin Wikipedia Revision History ao 4-29-2014 1130 am EST

The edit history link indicates that person trying to remove the entry entirely.

I don’t know if it’s Hostin herself, or someone using her name.  Unfortunately, she’s blocked Legal Insurrection’s Twitter account, so I can’t send her a direct message inquiring:

Sunny Hostin Twitter Blocked

This is reminiscent of the Wikipedia edit war over the Ethnic Cleansing of Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee problem:

With Warren, you can understand why her supporters so vigorously sought to cleanse her history — it was a major political problem for her.

But in Hostin’s case, I just don’t see what the big deal is.  Whether it’s her or an imposter, just give it up.

It’s beyond doubt that Zimmerman was NOT told to stay in the car.  So you were wrong, no big deal.  We’ve all been wrong at one point or another.

Just pay up, or plead your defense as to why you shouldn’t have to pay.  “I don’t want to” is not an acceptable defense.


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