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True Story

True Story

From Danelle:

Just too funny!

A friend of mine sent this too me from Corinth, Texas today!

I confirmed with the friend, it’s a true story.

Bumper Sticker- Corinth, Texas - Meals on Wheels close up


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If you’re gonna have a septic tank or a porta-pottie company, you’ve gotta have a sense of humor.


Reminds me of something I saw as a kid in NYC: On the back of a garbage truck (the old style that were loaded by hand in the rear), I saw a commercially printed sign – like those black and orange “For Rent” or “For Sale” signs – that said, “Free Food”. LOL LOL

God bless Texas!

We have a few companies like this around here (southwest Virginia). One’s slogan is the same as above. Two others have “Filled With Political Promises.”

When I lived in Hampton, Virginia I used to see a truck from Pete’s Radiator Repair in Yorktown. His slogan was, “Pete’s – The best place in the county to take a leak.”

Then there was the Seabee utilities shop in McMurdo Station, Antarctica that had written on the back of their coveralls, “Your Sh*t is our Bread & Butter.”