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Tom Cotton not putting Mark Pryor at ease

Tom Cotton not putting Mark Pryor at ease

Using Pryor’s attack on Cotton’s military “sense of entitlement” against Pryor.

Republican Rep. Tom Cotton is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor in the Arkansas Senate race.

It is considered a prime flip opportunity for Republicans.

The polling shows Cotton in a strong position (with the usual caveat that there’s a lot of time before the election).

Pryor stepped in it when he said a few weeks ago that Cotton acted as if his military service gave Cotton a sense of entitlement.

To which Cotton responds (h/t Free Beacon):


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I like it. Down-home, gentle sense of humor. It’ll drive Democrats nuts (well, more so…)

A politician telling a vet he has a “sense of entitlement.”

Politicians aren’t usually known for their wit and command of self-satire, but Pryor just shattered the glass ceiling of irony.

If Cotton wins, will he have earned the right to address Boxer as “Ma’am”?

Excellent. Each individual push back to outrageous liberal statements gives me hope. They may accumulate and add up to a couple of huge wave election cycles. We need more fighters.

This is exactly what Republicans have to do.

The largely apathetic among Low-info voters (as opposed to the rabid leftist partisan low-info voters) expect Dems and Repubs to yell at each other.

But when you use humor to point out how ridiculous and/or insane the left is these days, like funny commercials for consumer products, the effect will stick.

Imagine how quickly you would’ve tuned out if Cotton had responded in this ad with serious outrage.

We know how nuts they are. Stop yelling about it. You can’t keep upping the ante by yelling louder and louder and expect the diminishing-returns curve to turn around.

With humor there is no limit and the returns are ever increasing. Be a “There you go again” 🙂 Reagan-style happy warrior.

Only 6 like on youtube? Go ahead and view on youtube and hit “like”.

That’s a terrific and creative ad. Endearing and entertaining and also gets to the point.

Henry Hawkins | April 21, 2014 at 4:29 pm

It is better than we think. Note the subliminals* – red, white, and blue shirt (patriotism), sans tie (common man populism), black guy is higher rank (which Cotton readily accepts), black guy is higher rank based on his merits (no affirmative action here), and finally, the closing campaign logo, a red, white, and blue boot track. Military boot track.

*Not truly subliminal, but so, so subtle and so effective.

    yarp, they did good with this one. I did like the drill sergeant ‘light’ aspect that they gave Sgt Norton. the harder one would not have played well. The play between Cotton and Norton was classic. Cotton shows respect, humility, and a little bit of light hearted humor. I’d vote for the guy.

Ranks up there with “Make em Squeal!” :<)