Terri Lynn Land is running for the United States Senate in Michigan, a seat occupied for nearly 40 years by retiring Democrat, Carl Levin.

Land’s opponent is Democrat Congressman Gary Peters, who has apparently defaulted to the Democratic party’s standard playbook, by accusing his female Republican opponent of waging a “war on women.”

It is a strategy Democrats have employed for several election cycles and, despite the absurdity of the claim, it has enjoyed its share of success. That said, Terri Lynn Land may have found the antidote to the tired anthem in her latest ad, entitled “Really?”

The ad has gained a good deal of traction in the national media since it was released.

In this short segment, CNN anchor John King, Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson, and Politico’s Juana Summers all seemed very impressed by Land’s first campaign ad.

So what kind of ads are Land’s competition putting out? The same old worn out rhetoric.

Good luck with the “war on women” campaign strategy, Congressman Peters. It doesn’t look like Terri Lynn Land is going to stand for it.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube)