Last night, Jimmy Fallon on his “Tonight Show” featured a sketch that poked some fun both at Russian President Vladimir Putin and at President Obama (and a few others), in a mock phone call between Putin (played by Fallon) and Sarah Palin.

Fallon introduced the sketch by recalling Palin’s prediction that Russia would invade Ukraine.

Well you guys, if you’ve been following the news, you know that a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Obama to discuss the situation in Ukraine. And not many people know this but right after he talked to Obama, Putin made another phone call, this time to someone who actually predicted his invasion of Ukraine back in 2008.”

And this is amazing, we actually got footage of that conversation. Here at the Tonight Show, we have footage of the phone call that he made after he talked to President Obama. It’s actually amazing, take a look at this.

I won’t spoil the rest.  Palin was a good sport, even poking a little fun at herself. Watch the video, and be sure to watch until the end.


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