The urge to fly towards the hot news flame is strong.

We’ve mostly, but not always, avoided being burned.

We took a deep breath when the Bundy Ranch flame flared:

“I don’t think we’ve written here yet about the Bundy Ranch standoff, mostly because we didn’t have enough information about the situation to make a judgment about what really was going on. And I didn’t have enough time to figure it all out…. [So, whether the] Bundy Ranch people deserve our backing… [is] a decision, again, I have not resolved….”

Now the Bundy Ranch boss has made statements that have blown up in the faces of those who jumped to his cause.

In theory, it’s possible to try to distinguish what he thinks from whatever property rights he may have. In reality and in real life it doesn’t work that way.

There’s a lesson there when it comes to falling in line behind someone you don’t know on an issue that is not clear.

It probably was dumb luck that we avoided getting burned. But I’m still learning from it.

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