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Friday Night Links

Friday Night Links

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He who lurks

Ruby Ridge…

Elian Gonzalez…

Waco, Tx…

Bundy Ranch….

Who?.. “You don’t want to go there buddy!”

Someone compiled a video of all the 154 times Harry Reid has ranted about the Koch brothers:

Reid has definitely got KBDS (Koch Brothers Derangement Syndrome)

Barack Obama started the “Birther” controversy by claiming to be born in Kenya to tap into the college grants for foreigners, much akin to Liz Warren’s Cherokee claims.
It seems only fitting that he should be the one to revive the controversy since he is the original “Birther” .. born in Hawaii.

Here’s an account of Harry Reid’s involvement in this BLM Nevada land grab. Mind boggling corruption.

some of us have long (well before obama was a stain on the political scene) taken an originalist view of the nbc issue before it was muddied by court rulings dealing with immigration.