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Cornell Anti-Israel Divestment Group Doubles Down on Passover Strategy

Cornell Anti-Israel Divestment Group Doubles Down on Passover Strategy

Pushing for final vote next week less than 48 hours after Second Passover Seder

I broke the news last night that Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine had timed its push for a Divestment Resolution to take place over the Passover holiday, ALERT: Sneak Passover Anti-Israel Divestment attack at Cornell.

The Resolution was proposed at the last possible minute, with a surprise committee vote presentation (assisted by the President of the Assembly, I’m told) enabling it to be listed as “new business” for a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Procedurally, as new business, a vote cannot take place tomorrow, but it is on track this way for the following Thursday. And smack in the middle of this time period are the first two nights of Passover and it takes place during Passover.

Coincidence? I doubt it. Cornell SJP is doubling down on the Passover strategy, issuing an appeal for its members to pack the audience tomorrow to try to prevent the Resolution being tabled and keeping it on the fast track:

Cornell SJP Event Page #2

Jewish and pro-Israel groups are organizing, and have started a Facebook Page and Petition to the Assembly against the Resolution (the Petition is open to “members and friends of the Cornell University community” — that would include not only students, but family, alumni and anyone else).

I don’t think the sneak Passover attack will work, but what’s important is that they tried it. That tells you everything you need to know about the desperation of the BDS movement and what they really are about.

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I’m sending your info to every Jewish Cornell alumnus I personally know. There are more than a dozen in my family alone.

David R. Graham | April 10, 2014 at 1:09 am

Who is funding and organizing these stupidos? It is a safe bet Sauds are funding, at least. And Iranians. And “Moslem Brotherhood.” And likely Chinese PLA. Maybe even FSB. Soros? White House? A unit of DOJ?

And the agents provocateurs? Who are they? Their roots? This and like “student groups” are cannon fodder. They could not think or find their way out of a paper bag. Who are their funders and minders. Same question in re so-called “occupy Wall Street.” I’d not be surprised if Citi, G-S and JPM funded and organized “occupy Wall Street.”

This federal “administration” is a crime scene. Everything they touch becomes a crime scene. That animus spreads up, down and out to almost everyone, everywhere. Around criminals everything is always going down.

The money and the organizing smarts. Who are they? They are specific individuals. Who? That is the entrée to seeing and defeating these evil doers. And defeat is all they deserve. Unconditional surrender. Minds must be steeled for that immutable requirement.

Once you commit yourself to supporting those who think it is a legitimate political tactic to blow up a pizza parlor in the after school rush hour, or train children to be suicide bombers, then getting sneaky with the schedule must seem like a very small thing.

David R. Graham | April 10, 2014 at 1:29 am

And why are not right-minded attorneys filing blizzards of civil RICO suits against these evil doers all over the country? IANAL, but I have heard that RICO can be of either civil or criminal variety. And why are right-minded AGs not filing blizzards of criminal RICO suits against these evil doers in their jurisdictions?

Democrats and their minions are “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” So why, in the name of all that is gracious, are not RICO suits of both kinds not showering down from the heavens? There has never been a more target-rich environment for RIOC suits.

Costs? Hang the costs. There is never a shortage of money to do what is right. Just do it and the money will appear without even being sought. Dharma supports those who support Dharma. She is not weak.

Attorneys as a guild bear huge responsibility for creating this crime scene, this evil day. They can — and are obliged to — get us out of it. Clergy/teachers bear even more responsibility and thus bear even more obligation in this regard. But their methods of correction are few, subtle and long-showing, though powerful, while attorneys’ methods of correction are many, material and immediate. Thus in near-and medium-term operations, attorneys are on the hot seat to get cracking.

And as best I can see that means blizzards of RICOs, right now. IANAL.

[…] blog, followed up with a report that if the divestment resolution is officially introduced today, Cornell SJP will push for a vote next week, in the middle of the Passover holiday (the resolution cannot be voted on in the same session in […]