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Anti-Israel “National Day of Action” scheduled for Passover

Anti-Israel “National Day of Action” scheduled for Passover

Cornell Passover Divestment push not an isolated event.

When the Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine tried to schedule their last-minute anti-Israel Divestment Resolution for Passover week, I assumed that was something isolated to Cornell.  (The attempt was defeated yesterday.)

But maybe not.

Passover starts on the night of April 14, and seders are held that night and the night of April 15.  Religious Jews do not work on April 15-16.

The Cornell SJP action to try to push a vote on Divestment during Passover is not an isolated event.

Next Wednesday, April 16, is a coordinated National Day of Action called by the National SJP organization (via Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers):

The SJP National Day of Action is a call for all SJP chapters to stand up and fight against these injustices on campus. It is a call to stand for the rights of Palestinians, and a call to end university complicity in the Israeli occupation. Through their coordinated program of sit-ins, rallies, and teach-ins, SJP chapters across the country are sending the unequivocal message that we will not be silenced or intimidated by Zionist groups or campus administrations.

SJP National Day of Action April 16 2014

Is the timing for Passover coincidence?

Unlikely.  Increasingly SJP actions around the country are coordinated by non-students.  I find it hard to believe Passover week in general, and the second day of Passover specifically, were not chosen for a reason.


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Expect pro-Israel students to set-up Pork BBQ tents adjacent to the anti-Israel protesters. Free Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops!

I don’t get why they’re so obsessing over one thing. It’s not the fact they’re hostile against Israel that bothers me, it’s the fact they’re not consistent with their work.

What about Northern Cyprus?
What about Kurdistans? Nothing against Turkey
What about the Western Sahara? Nothing against Morocoo

What about countries with civil war ongoing like Somalia, Columbia, Syria?
How about he Mexican Drug war?

These students obviously are not cognizant of history.

History proves several things:

1. History shows Israel has as much right to exist as Pakistan. Both nations were created by an international agreement (to try to protect India and Israel from rabid Islamists.

2. History shows that giving up land to Islamists doesn’t work, help or solve the problem. Israel has given up as much as 70% of its allotted homeland given by this international body (Jordan which was to be Arab Palestine) in order to achieve peace with Islam. Gaza and the West Bank are actually illegally occupied by Arab aggressors.

*See map here –

Keep in mind the FACT that both of these portions of land legally belonged to Israel – but Israel (foolishly, futilely) gave up 70% for peace.

3. History shows Islamists do not honor their agreements and treaties with non-Islamists…or with anyone for that matter. They slaughter each other as regularly as they do other people groups. There have been 22,700+++ murderous jihad attacks since 9/11/01 – killings in every nation of the world where Islam is allowed to fester and metastasize.
The ‘Palestinians’ are currently in violation of 11 of 15 of their agreements with Israel.

4. History shows that Islam is a radical racist ideology that is OK with misogyny, pedophilia, bestiality, torture, murder, lies, racism, rape, aggression, genocide, dishonest treaties, slavery, drug, porn and sex trade. Islam has constantly committed human rights abuses since its inception. Islam and its practices should be banned among civilized nations.

5. History also shows that peace is not possible with Islamists or ‘Palestinians’. Aggression and conquest (as well as slavery, racism, misogyny and hatred of other religion) are written into their core texts.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Uncle Samuel. | April 11, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Uncle, you’re dead on all the way down the line.

    It is likely the Muslims think they have sufficient numbers in the USA, or have formed alliances with enough useful Communist idiots, to start acting up. Either that, or they think that they can pull a Jesse and force us into submission by using race mongering techniques against us.

    Remember that guy in Michigan who objected to the Easter egg hunt invite flyers? His community allegedly made nice and contributed $500 to the church issuing the invite. I think the guy pulled the grievance trigger before his community was ready for it or they didn’t imagine they’ receive the blowback they got so they pulled in their claws and made nice.

    The various terrorist organizations present on American university campuses are pulling the second in a series of triggers. They’ve been ramping up for a while, starting in CA. Their intent is to turn us against Israel or to bring Israel down by using Americans and the techniques developed by grievance mongers. This is part of an ongoing effort that began with the Arab “Christian” churches in the ME which are blaming Israel for the exodus of Arab Christians from Arab-occupied parts of Judea and Samaria. Since some of those churches are connected to churches in the USA, they have got gullible pastors in some denominations to believe them. The first trigger.

    What happens after the loss at Cornell? What if it is followed up by other losses at other universities? Look for violent action, I would say. When you can’t use the legislative system, the you must go outside of it and use violence to bring about the result you want.

    We have foolishly brought a vampiric fifth column into our midst; they have a hunger that is never sated, and that greed is for the shedding of blood. They will not sit back, will not stop because hate, envy, rage, fear, and every dark demonic force drives them to feed their hunger.

    Today it is directed at Israel. Tomorrow, the rage, the hatred, the blood lust will be turned against us.

Where is the funding coming from and who are the individuals that are coordinating these campaigns? It seem like the Cornell SJP clearly received advice and coaching. For example one of the Cornell SJP leaders Natalie Nesvaderani (incidentally there is nobody by that name who is currently on the official roster of Cornell students) tweeted this Feb16th 2014:

“Great ideas from #SJP East meeting at Hunter College. Stoked for Israeli Apartheid Week and for future collaborations.”

    Juba Doobai! in reply to RuthC. | April 11, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    Sorry about the thumb down, was aiming for the REPLY.

    Iran. Saudi Arabia. Soros. Putin (remember it was the Russians who gave us Protocols of the Elders of Zion.).

JackRussellTerrierist | April 11, 2014 at 1:15 pm

National Day of Action? That sort of has an Al Dumbton “National Action Network” ring to it. He also hates Jews. Is he in the background mix of this campaign, doing obastard’s work for him? They’re awfully chummy, those two.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to JackRussellTerrierist. | April 11, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    Right now he’s in the community spotlight for being a snitch, so he’s trying to spin that. If he can be tied to thus kind of maniacally anti-Semitic activity, he can lose his tv gig.

Turn on the light, watch the cockroaches scatter.

Sorry to be posting again so quickly. The kiddies on campus need to know what kind of people the Students for “Justice” in Palestine support. Sure there’s the Hamas Covenant, which is painfully clear about the aims of the Islamsists.

And this is what they think of women, today.

Yeah. These people teach that women who are raped should be punished by hanging.

How any decent person could know what Islamists believe and support their savage ideas is beyond me.

All of you are very kind with your suggestions but you assume that these young people will respond to reason and facts. The SJP group is islamic-sponsored Jew-hatred allied with hard-left totalitarians. The only way to help these people is to dismantle their funding streams in the same manner law enforcement would approach any mafia organization. Also to discredit them with the general public so they can’t attract new members. Make it worth while for them to get a real job. It would also really help if there weren’t so many left-wing professors on campus who recruit and indulge these students.

[…] In a followup post Jacobson observed that Cornell SJP’s tactic of forcing through their resolution on Passover may be part of a larger trend. […]

Translating their three points.
1. Silence Free Speech. Stop Jews and pro-Israel speakers from coming on campus.
2. Support academic tyranny. Support the American Studies Association’s resolution.
3. Stand up for hate. Send money to Hamas to kill women and children in their beds.

These student groups are espousing hatred to a country created as was Pakistan to provide security to a slaughtered civilization. Please don’t even suggest the early 1930’s up to 1945 didn’t happen. It is and remains a historical fact. Six millions… I am not not sorry if you are sick of hearing about it again but you likely weren’t even living when it occurred so WTF, shut up!