Oh, how I miss my formerly home State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

A State run by the best and the brightest — and the indicted and the investigated and the Democrats and the Unions.

Just a few days ago the feds and State Police raided the office and home of the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives — who has since resigned as Speaker.

Among other things, there is a huge legislative push for more gun control legislation, as reported by ABC6:

Some Rhode Island lawmakers…are again taking aim at gun control. No fewer that nine bills are now being considered – from banning assault style weapons; to boosting sales tax on ammunition; and, limiting gun clips to no more than ten rounds.

“People do have the right to own a gun. I believe in that. But I think there’s also a new type of responsibility that has to come with controlling a gun and the guns that go out into the street,” said State Rep. Joe Almeida (D) Providence, who sponsored three of the bills.

Gun owner’s rights advocates are already firing back. “We’re in an election year and there is an element of this that is obviously election year antics,” said State Rep. Mike Chippendale (R) Foster.

The arrogance of the politically powerful is demonstrated in this response by Democratic State Senator Josh Miller and an unidentified compatriot (added — apparently a photographer accompanying Miller) to a question regarding the pending legislation.

Miller describes himself as “[o]ne of the true “left of center” Democrats of the R.I. State Senate.”

The questioner, Dan Bidondi, has a radio show and is affilated with Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

Here’s the video:

Language Warning, NSFW

Update: Tony at the Rhode Island-based Redneck Republic previously wrote about the expansive legislation, which included a provision allowing police to seize guns at their discretion.

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