Yeah, me too.

Donald Trump.

But I don’t think that’s what the Ban Bossy campaign is about.

The #BanBossy movement pretends to protect little girls from the humiliation of being called “bossy,” and thereby will empower a generation of strong, powerful female leaders (so long as you don’t call them bossy, because that would crush them).

The movement is backed by “Lean In” Sheryl Sandberg and The Girl Scouts, for whom every girl is a potential victim. (Put aside all the objective evidence that girls are outperforming boys in almost every measure.)

A slew of major corporations and celebrities have lined up behind the banning of bossy.


There nothing wrong, and much good, at encouraging young girls to lead. But this campaign has a strong victimization narrative. This teaches young girls that they are victims and need the emotional protections that little boys don’t. At best that is a mixed message.

And why now?

Why have the word police suddenly descended on us to shape our speech? Can’t boys and men be bossy too? Has there been some epidemic of bossy such that now is the time to act.

A follower on Twitter made the connection to prepping the battlefield for Hillary:

Ashe Schow at The Washington Examiner expands on the point,

Make no mistake, there is always a deeper agenda whenever a seemingly innocent campaign pops up overnight.

On Sunday, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg launched a new campaign, known as ‘Ban Bossy,’ which would – as you can imagine – encourage people to ban the word “bossy.”

Is there some kind of epidemic of that word being used to keep girls from achieving? Many of the surveys cited by the Ban Bossy campaign are decades old, and a more recent survey by the Girl Scouts of America found that girls are more likely than boys to see themselves as a leader or have the desire to be a leader.

So, why start a national campaign?

For starters, Sandberg is an ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016….

Two years ago, Democrats launched a campaign to brand Republicans as engaging in a “war on women,” a campaign with a lasting impact that will no doubt stretch into the 2016 elections if Clinton runs.

Now the Ban Bossy campaign gives Democrats another weapon to use against those who disagree with Clinton’s policy ideas.

I think that’s right.  The banning of the terms “illegal immigrant” or “illegal aliens” were an integral part of the amnesty push.  So too, any criticism of Hillary’s demeanor will be portrayed as sexist, and the type of belittling done to little girls. 

It’s not about Hillary, it’s about our daughters!

Do not underestimate this.  We all thought Julia was a joke, until a generation of young, single women voted for Obama.

As with Julia, the “ban bossy” campaign likely is the result of values research by pro-Democrat researchers trying to find something that reaches deeper than most of use realize with a group Democrats need in 2016.

Everything is contrived.  They create the war, and then accuse us of fighting it.

And yes, Hillary is bossy.  Just like many successful male politicians.


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