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Professors school anti-Israel divestment forum, and get results

Professors school anti-Israel divestment forum, and get results

Anti-Israel vitriol from Max Blumenthal and others at U. Michigan fell flat as two professors methodically laid out the history.

The University of Michigan student assembly rejected the anti-Israel divestment resolution pushed by a coalition of student groups.

The greatest contrast during the night was that while the pro-divestment speakers lashed out at Israel with great vitriol, the anti-divestment speakers — many of whom were critical of some Israeli policies — were even-tempered and rational.

This student rejected attempts to pigeonhole black students into an anti-Israel vote:

But the stars of the night were the opening guest speakers.

The pro-divestment group picked Max Blumenthal, who gave a predictably flame-throwing anti-Israel speech.

While anti-Israel advocates on Twitter and in the room were excited by Blumenthal’s tongue lashing of Israel, that excitement dimmed when two real professors took to the stage, one in opposition to the resolution and one selected to give a historical overview.

First up was Michigan State – James Madison College Associate Professor Yael Aronoff, who responded directly to Blumenthal. She spoke somewhat quickly so as to leave time for other guest speakers against the resolution, but basically destroyed Blumenthal by pointing out the one sided presentation and the resolution:

The next speaker was U. Michigan Professor of History Victor Lieberman. Resolution supporters on Twitter were furious with his presentation, which quite accurately reflected the history of Arab rejectionism. While I have some quibbles with his take on international law, by and large his presentation was fair and balanced.


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When a group voluntarily chooses Max Blumenthal to speak for them, it tells me there is not an honest person in the lot.

If any of them were even somewhat honest, they would have resigned before having that lying piece of human detritus represent them.

I’ve documented the false and misleading statements made by Max Blumenthal in his talk here:

“Resolution supporters on Twitter were furious with his presentation, which quite accurately reflected the history of Arab rejectionism.”

Ha! The truth to these folks is like garlic and a Cross to Dracula. Oooh! It burns! It burns!

California universities have a history of suppressing the free speech of Jewish and pro-Israel speakers. We cannot let the MSA-inspired insanity,now under the BDS name, infect American universities.We must reject them and hold to Israel with whom we share a common heritage, theologically and politically.

TrooperJohnSmith | March 27, 2014 at 2:49 am

Let’s see… Blumenthal is Jewish, right? And he supports the Palestinians who essentially say Israel has no right to exist, right?

Wow. And all this time, I thought Kapos were just an anomaly of their times.

Kudos especially to that one fella who won’t let his vote be categorized away based on the color of his skin. America needs more like him.

buckeyeminuteman | March 27, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Good for those rational-thinking folks from U. or M. Still, GO BUCKEYES!