Dr. Milton Wolf is challenging Pat Roberts in the August 5 Kansas Senate primary.  Wolf is Legal Insurrection’s first Operation Counterweight 2014 Senate candidate.

Roberts was first elected to the Senate House in 1980 and the Senate in 1996.  As it has been revealed that Roberts did not even have a permanent residence in Kansas, and as it sinks in that Roberts has been around D.C. foreever, Roberts’ negatives have risen.


While Roberts has a large lead, he is vulnerable:

Sen. Pat Roberts’ (R-Kan.) net approval rating has dropped 12 points in the last year, and he could face an increasingly competitive primary race for reelection, a new poll suggests.

Thirty-eight percent of Kansans disapprove of Roberts while 29 percent approve, according to an automated poll released Friday by Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP).

Tea Party-backed candidate Milton Wolf (R) has already announced his campaign to challenge Roberts in November.

The PPP poll indicates Roberts has a 49 percent to 23 percent lead over Wolf for the primary, but the pollsters say the lack of name recognition for Wolf could explain the wide margin.

For a generic “more conservative” opponent in the primary, Roberts would only lead that person 43 percent to 39 percent.

And he knows it.  Roberts’ oppo research dug up a long-ago deleted Facebook post by Wolf about x-rays of gun shot victims, for which Wolf has apologized.  If that’s the best Roberts has to justify another 6 years in D.C., it may not be enough.

Roberts has a lot more money, and the backing of those in power who want to crush primary challengers who undoubtedly will throw more money into the race.

Wolf is having a money bomb today. This may be the best chance to unseat a Republican establishment incumbent in a primary.  It’s a reason to get excited again.

Milton Wolf Money Bomb Banner

I had a chance to meet Dr. Wolf for the first time at Blog Bash last week. Other than this horrible photo of me, it was great to meet him:


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