Recently released commercial satellite images have revealed the Iranians are attempting to reconstruct a replica of one of the United States’ largest and most powerful warships, the USS Nimitz.

Construction on the crude model appears to be in full swing at a shipyard near Bandar Abbas, as shown in newly released commercial satellite images.

‘They got this barge and threw some wood on top of it to make it look like the USS Nimitz. That’s all we know for sure,’ a U.S. defense official told AFP

The wooden, non-operational aircraft carrier made to look like a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered American vessel was first spotted on the Persian Gulf last summer, the New York Times reported.

Besides having the shape of the 1,100-foot-long carriers, such as USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Carl Vinson, the shipbuilders also replicated the distinctive white markings on bow.

A satellite flying over Gachin shipyard also photographed a fake plane parked on the deck of the equally fake carrier.

The rationale behind the fake aircraft carrier remains a mystery, but one theory suggests it will likely be used as a prop to be blown up in an Iranian anti-American propoganda film.

The surreptitious move by the Iranians has cast more doubt on the President’s ability to successfully defuse Iran’s nuclear aspirations, a goal he has attempted to carry out by softening economic sanctions on the middle eastern nation.

Back in November, negotiations between Iran and a coalition of countries that includes the United States brought about an interim agreement over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran agreed to roll back parts of the program in exchange for an end to certain economic sanctions.

Negotiations on a larger deal are ongoing.

The creation of a mock aircraft carrier likely to be used in an effort to spread more anti-American propoganda region is a window into the reality of U.S.-Iranian relations.

This past week, marking the Persian New Year, President Obama said he is “committed to diplomacy” with Iran.

The Iranians, however, may not be on the same page.

UPDATE 3-23-2014: A movie set?

(Featured Image Source: YouTube)


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