Former Press Secretary to President Obama, Robert Gibbs, appeared on Meet The Press with David Gregory Sunday morning. Among the topics discussed were the 2014 midterm elections.

When asked about the Democrats’ prospects, Gibbs candidly noted the results this November could be potentially devastating.

Over the last few days, Republican observers and pundits have pointed to Republican David Jolly’s recent surprise victory in the Fl-13 special election as a taste of what is to come this November. Gibbs, however, is one of the more  notable Democrats to come out echoing Republican sentiments about the 2014 electoral outlook.

Gibbs: If you lose the Senate turn out the lights because the party’s over.

Gregory: Is the Senate in danger?

Gibbs: Definitely. Absolutely… There’s no doubt. [Republicans have] got to pick up 6 seats, which is not a small number, but what gives them a huge advantage obviously is the states that they’re in. As Israel mentioned, in Louisiana, in North Carolina, in Montana, places where the President didn’t do well.

It is, of course, important to note that we are still over 6 months away from the ballot box and there are a million things that could happen that could shift the national sentiment in favor of the Democrats.

That said, Democrats have an awfully steep uphill climb ahead of them facing a motivated conservative electorate, and having to lay claim to an increasingly unpopular President, and his equally unpopular signature legislation.

Could 2014 be another historic Republican midterm rout of Democrats, like 2010 was?

Only time will tell, but as of now it is certainly a genuine possibility.


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