Start from the premise that Wendy Davis probably was going to lose the election against Greg Abbott no matter what.

But probably wasn’t a sure thing. Abbott never was in Edwin Edwards territory: “The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.”

It didn’t help that Davis’s narrative of being a struggling teenage single mom who brought herself up by her bootstraps all the way to Harvard Law School fell apart.

Davis always had the base, and maybe if she got lucky, if Republican turnout was low, and she seriously motivated Democrats, maybe, just maybe, she could click her pink sneakers together and eke out a win.

That once upon a time hope may have vanished with Davis’ obvious pandering in bucking the Democrats and coming out in favor of an Open Carry law.

The Texas Tribune reports on the shock from Democrats, Davis Takes Friendly Fire on Gun Issue

The base is furious.

At the appropriately named left-wing blog Crooks and Liars, one Juanita Jean is so furious she’s furious in the third person, Juanita Jean Is Mad As Hell At Wendy Davis:

There’s very little talk among political junkies in Texas this morning about anything else except Wendy Davis’ stunning and unexpected announcement that she favors open carry in Texas….

It’s pandering plain and simple. I know that no candidate is going to agree with me about 100% of things. However, I do expect the candidates I support to be honest with both me and themselves. We have lost every statewide race in Texas since Elvis died because our political consultants say we have to pander to the right wing to win….

Let me tell you one thing. Given a choice between a Real Republican and a Democrat who talks like a Republican, Republicans will pick the Real Republican every damn time. And your base Democrats will stay at home. I have statistics to prove that.

As Paul Begala says, “Texas is not a Republican state. Texas is a non voting state.” And the non voters are Democrats who have had nothing to vote for.

Wendy Davis did not get national attention by pandering to Republican voters. She got it by talking to the base….

It is mid February. If this campaign doesn’t get back on track soon, it’s over. We’ve sacrificed another Democrat to a nonexistent “persuadable Republican,” when all we had to do is excite the base in urban areas and South Texas.

I feel sure her campaign is telling her, “What’s your base going to do? Vote for Abbot? They won’t do that because he’s worse for them than you are.” No, they won’t vote for Abbott. They just won’t vote — and that is the worst thing you can do to Texas.

Your base is running away, Wendy. You better find where they are going so you can lead them there.

Wow, that was a satisfying read.  Joan of Argghh is on her way to get a cigarette.

You can’t count Davis out.  But my guess is that on election day there will be a lot of Democrats sitting home smoking cigarettes, and not bothering to vote.


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