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“To see this as a microaggression… is the microaggression”

“To see this as a microaggression… is the microaggression”

McGill student speaks out against Microaggression Mania

In my post, Microaggression Mania: McGill U. student leader apologizes for .gif of Obama kicking open door, I noted how student leader Brian Farnan was mandated to issue an apology for sending a GIF taken from a Jay Leno parody of Obama kicking open a door at the end of a press conference.

Farnan not only apologized, he now is undergoing mandatory sensitivity training.

In my original post, I quoted a letter written by McGill student Ameya Pendse, who was not offended by the GIF but by Farnan’s apology:

Brian, your GIF didn’t offend me, your apology did. I am offended that you think I’m so shallow and high-strung that I would be offended by this.

Pendse was interviewed by Ezra Levant on Sun News:

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Without the race card and lib white guilt, there would be nothing for the media pundits to say. They waste the public’s time and pollute the airwaves with their lies and insecurities. They need to move in with a shrink.

From reports Weird Al uhh, Yankovych is nowhere to be found. A suggestion would be, send all of these “Microaggression” Maniacs on a hunt for Yankovych.

In addition to that, THEY can kiss my microaggresive ass.

To see this as a microaggression…is the microaggression

As with most things liberal, it only works one way. Being a liberal means being the victim, not the oppressor.

No more microaggression. It’s time for macroaggression against these junior wannabe Stalinists.

The apology offended me as well. It should have every student at the school, if it were an actual liberal arts college.

In the interview Levant says to Pendse “you’re of a visible minority …”

That’s really the problem for us WASPy types … we are not VISIBLE minorities (except in big cities). My German heritage looks too much like the damn English or French. So the visible minorities lump us all together based solely on skin color .. cuz we all look alike to those racists. 😉

All this straining on a gnat but swallowing a camel is making me tired. Communism (i.e. microaggression) is so boring.

But, but, but… ‘microaggression’ is so sciency sounding.

It’s an appeal to faith (of a dark sort) in the absence of evidence. See, microaggression can be so subtle, average folk cannot see it and must trust the liberals to identify it for them.

“Microaggression” is an oxymoron. At best, it is in the eye of the beholder, but if each person gets to define microaggression, there is no microaggression.

Think about it. Micro means small. So, we have a small aggression. But aggression is a very start concept. How can we possibly have a micro version of aggression. We can’t.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to RickCaird. | February 23, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    It’s the poke in the chest as opposed to the punch in the nose. The racism industry is merely opening a new market.

The very word “microaggression” sounds like it means “we race hustlers are really struggling to sustain our ability to make white folks cringe with guilt, so we’re just going to go with the ‘you’re committing a sin so tiny, you can’t even detect it on our own, and you should be feeling soooo guilty about it’ approach.”

Or maybe the hustlers aren’t even trying to make us feel guilty anymore. Maybe they just like poking people with a stick and annoying the crap out of them.

What should the penalty be for micro-aggression’s big brother Macro-aggression?The kind perpetrated by Obama’s Gestapo (the IRS) against Conservatives and Christians. A real crime that should take precedence over the imagined micro-aggressions.