When journalists descended on Sochi last week, many took to Twitter to express their dismay at the state of their hotel rooms. While their conditions are hardly ideal- yellow water, bees in the honey, and more- they are certainly providing entertainment for audiences back home.

One Twitter account, @SochiProblems, has become particularly viral- even outnumbering the official Sochi Twitter account by more than 100,000 followers.

Here are six of the most horrifying #SochiProblems that make me feel especially thankful that I am in the US, where there is clear water, working doors, and toilets that flush the paper.

Side note: while many Sochi fakes have come out, we believe these (unfortunately) to be real.

1. Managing editor – sports for Yahoo! Canada, Steve McAllister, was locked inside his room:

2. Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn seems to know exactly how to handle that sort of situation:

3. Meanwhile, ABC News correspondent Matt Gutman found a bee in his honey. Yum?

4. I’m sure nothing could be more reassuring than arriving back at your hotel room and finding it like this:


5. Some creative plumbing is also going on in Sochi, that’s for sure:

6. We saved the best for last- this water doesn’t seem suspicious at all, right? Bottoms up!

Bonus round: It seems that Obama is not the only one with website troubles!


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