Presumed Guilty:

(face palm)

(just palm)

Training grounds of the nanny state:

Now this should have an impact:

Has Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Inc. failed?

The new feminism protects the fragile sensitivities of women, oh wait, wasn’t that the old chauvinism?

Hit rock bottom:

Unelected and undocumented:

I’ve often wondered how long it would take Cornell to come looking for me if I stopped showing up at work:

Redistribute college endowments:

Math majors did it (Featured Image above):

I check my mail every day, but still nothing:

What a drag:

The Affordable Care Act (oops, that’s already taken):


Dead Heat – Aleister and Leslie tie for Blog Post Title of the Week:

Special Legal Insurrection “Canada Gone Wild” section:


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