Of all the names Wendy Davis has been called, the “D” word could be the most damaging.

It all started when, at the event where her daughter cried for her on stage, Davis was handed former Gov. Ann Richard’s shotgun, which she held somewhat awkwardly on stage.

I don’t claim any expertise on how to hold a shotgun, but it made me uncomfortable seeing the barrel pointing at people, even if the gun was just in the loading position.  If I remember nothing else from my NRA safety course, it’s never point a barrel at anyone even if you think the gun is unloaded.

Comparisons immediately were made to how Greg Abbott, Sarah Palin and others have been photographed holding guns.  Again, I can’t say Davis was wrong, but it sure looked awkward. Twitchy was all over the Twitter reactions.

Then came the dreaded comparison, the one no politician wants.  The comparison to Mike Dukakis in a Tank.

The Houston Chronicle
attributes the comparison to an Abbott campaign manager, but I saw it before that in a post by Bryan Preston at PJ Media.

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