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Missed a spot

Missed a spot

Herbie from Chicago sends this along:

Spotted in an Evanston, Illinois parking lot.

Someone apparently changed hiser mind about the Veep and Vice-Veep.

Looks like s/he missed a spot:

Bumper Sticker - Evanston IL - torn obama sticker close up


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I love it! It’s a shame that we can’t have them removed just as easily as this bumper sticker was stripped from it’s resting place.

I was cut off in traffic the other day by an oblivious and self centered texter. She was so bainless, selfish and dimwitted that I was tempted to get out of my truck and slap a OBAMA/BIDEN sticker on her bumper!

s/he is too exclusive. given all of the variations no offered on facebook, it should be she/he/it. the obvious contraction is left as an exercise for the reader.

JackRussellTerrierist | February 26, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Or maybe the obastard lover who put the sticker on sold the car to a non-obastard lover.