Welcome to day five of our live coverage of the “loud music” 1st degree murder trial of Michael Dunn in real time. Here are a couple live video feeds, with the smaller, upper-most feed proving the most reliable yesterday.

Expectations are that this morning will see the last two defense witnesses. One of these is expected to be some kind of expert on stress reactions, but is a bit of a “surprise witness” from the perspective of the State. A hearing will be held at 8AM to discuss whether to allow this testimony, in the form of a Daubert hearing.

The second witness, I expect, will be the defendant, Michael Dunn himself. At present there seems insufficient–meaning no–evidence of self-defense necessary for the defense to meet its burden of production on the issue of self-defense. If they fail to meet this burden the jury will not be instructed on self-defense and a conviction is certain.

Our end-of-day wrap-up discussing these issues as well as yesterday afternoon’s testimony can be found here: “Loud Music” Murder Trial Day 4: Entire Self Defense Narrative At Risk

At the bottom of the post is a live Twitter feed with my live tweets and those of others reporting on the trial. We plan to do a brief mid-day summary when the court recesses for lunch, then our usual lengthier coverage/analysis after the court recesses that day’s end.

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