Welcome to day six of our live coverage of the “loud music” 1st degree murder trial of Michael Dunn in real time. Here are three live video feeds.

Expectations are that this morning will see closing arguments, in the following sequence: State, Defense, State. Then the jury will be charged (read the jury instructions) and provided with their verdict forms. The jury instructions in this case are extensive. Not only are there the five primary charges on which Dunn was indicted–first degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, and firing into an occupied vehicle–there are also the lesser included crimes of each, as well as Florida’s 10-20-Life statute (775.087), made infamous by the Marissa Alexander case.  Add on top of that Florida’s very lengthy and convoluted justification jury instructions, and it’s not hard to see that the jury’s going to receive a very large packet of instructional material, indeed.

(Sadly, I expect the standardized jury instructions will once again include the instruction on Stand-Your-Ground, despite the fact that SYG plays no more of a role here than it did in the Zimmerman trial–meaning, none. Their inclusion will provide plenty of fodder for the “SYG-phobics” and, of course, journalists.)

Our end-of-day wrap-up discussing these issues as well as yesterday afternoon’s testimony by Michael Dunn, and rebuttal by State-called witnesses Rhonda Rouer and Homicide Detective Musser can be found here: “Loud Music” Murder Trial Day 5: Dunn Testifies, Defense Rests

Below the live video feeds is a live Twitter feed with my live tweets and those of others reporting on the trial. We plan to do a brief mid-day summary when the court recesses for lunch, then our usual lengthier coverage/analysis after the court recesses that day’s end.

At the bottom of this post, below the Twitter feed, I’ve embedded yesterday’s testimony by Dunn, Rouer, and Musser.)

FOX 35 News Orlando

Michael Dunn’s direct testimony, questioned by defense counsel Strolla, can be viewed here:

Dunn’s cross-examination testimony by Assistant State Attorney John Guy, can be viewed here:

Rhonda Rouer’s rebuttal testimony, quite harmful to the defense, can be viewed here:

Homicide Detective Musser’s rebuttal testimony can be viewed here:

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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