I recall someone saying that you could judge societies based upon how they treat their Jews. I don’t recall who said it.

I think that’s still true in large part, but less of a global issue because most of the world — and certainly the Muslim world — has been depopulated of its Jews. In Europe, the maxim still holds, as the virulent demonization of Israel by the BDS movement alliance of Islamists and leftists is driving out the Jews who are left, and driving others into virtual hiding.

Globally, however, it is Christians who are under pressure and persecution. Hearings were held in Congress today on the issue:

Qanta Ahmed, writing in The Jerusalem Post, recently noted the dire situation of Christians in the Muslim world, Persecution of Christians in the Muslim world: We are what we tolerate:

During my first visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum, a quotation caught my eye.

Attributed to German Jewish essayist Kurt Tucholsky, I scribbled it down: “A country is not only what it does, it is also what it tolerates.”

I found myself thinking not of collaborators during the Nazi era, but of Muslims during the Islamist era.

Christian persecution in the Muslim World goes unremarked upon in the Muslim world. Yet Christian existence in the Middle East, the very region where Christianity first arrived to world, is today imperiled to a degree formerly unseen in its history.

The erosion of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa region daily escalates. Rabid political Islamism, which both calls for the elimination of Christians from formerly pluralistic societies and seeds a climate ripe for sectarian violence, drives the exodus of Christians from the region.

While in the West the persecution of Christians is not as dramatic, mockery of Christianity has become one of the few acceptable forms of demonization in polite society.

There are so many horribles in the world, I don’t know where to place persecution of Christians. I do know that it’s time to start speaking out about it.


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