Wendy Davis has inspired some Texas-sized hype after her pro-late term abortion filibuster.

That hype has hit the rocks of a busted personal narrative, a bizarre media strategy, and a “deja victim” attitude.

But some true believers still believe.

Like the author of this column, Hillary Clinton and Wendy Davis could be the 2016 Democrat presidential dream ticket:

If elected, Hillary Clinton would become the first woman elected President of the United States. Adding a woman as running mate could energize women all over the country, but particularly in the south.

The logical choice for a variety of reasons is Texas state senator Wendy Davis.

Doesn’t she have to get elected governor first?

Of course, but Davis is now getting herself positioned as a very strong candidate who could loosen the Republican stranglehold in Texas of Republican governors?

Davis is scaring the “beejeezes” out of her competition as evidence by the opposition research out there trying to derail her candidacy.

It is not working and signs are it is backfiring in Davis’ favor.

Is Clinton/Davis a possible ticket for 2016? …

A Davis victory in Texas will certainly intrigue Hillary Clinton. The geographic possibilities are enormous. If this “red state” indeed turns purple in 2014, that would tip the election to the Democrats far into the future. The 38 electoral votes in Texas (up 4 electoral votes from 2010) are low-hanging fruit with Davis on the national ticket.

It is for that very reason that Democrats will flock to Texas to give Wendy Davis a helping hand, not so much for winning in Texas, but for the national implications of controlling the White House for four more years, with an option for another four.

There is a big “what if” in that equation, namely Davis winning the Texas Governor’s race.

What possibly could go wrong?  Other than everything.

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