Monday afternoon I was a guest on KOGO (AM600) radio in San Diego at the kind invitation of Victoria Taft, to talk about the Michael Dunn “loud music” murder trial.

This broadcast took place prior to last night’s Nightline interview of Juror #4 (identified only as “Valerie”).

In the interview, she explained that by the end of deliberations fully 25% of the jurors had concluded that the State had failed to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt with respect to the gun shots that killed Jordan Davis.

I mention this because in the KOGO appearance I speculate that a single juror with this position may have been all that hung the murder charges against Michael Dunn.  We now know, courtesy of Juror #4, that it was three jurors, not just a single hold-out, who foiled Corey’s efforts for a murder conviction against Dunn.

If not for Dunn’s actions betraying a consciousness of guilt — such as fleeing the scene and not calling police even when in a safe place — who knows whether Dunn could have sold his story to the jury.

If you missed the live broadcast, or even if you merely must have more of my dulcet tones, here you go:

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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