Violence again erupted in Ukraine on Tuesday.

From the NY Times:

Mayhem gripped the center of the Ukrainian capital on Tuesday evening as riot police officers tried to drive two armored personnel carriers through stone-reinforced barriers in Independence Square, the focal point of more than two months of protests against President Viktor F. Yanukovych.

Pelted by rocks and fireworks, the vehicles became stuck in the massive barricades outside the Khreschatyk Hotel and burst into flames, apparently trapping the security officers inside, prompting desperate rescue efforts from their colleagues.

In the course of wild day of parries and thrusts by the protesters and the police, the authorities in Kiev reported nine people killed, including two police officers. It was the bloodiest day of violence since President Yanukovych spurned a trade deal with Europe in November and set of protests that began peacefully but have since involved occasional spasms of deadly violence.

Live feeds and other video footage show clashes between protesters and police forces and footage of the scenes on the ground.

This site offers multiple live streaming video feeds. [There may be trouble connecting.]

Additional video footage recorded earlier:

The BBC also posted video footage of the situation on the ground.

The Washington Post offers some insight into why things may have escalated again: The three big reasons that protests reignited in Ukraine

You can follow below for updates on social media about Ukraine; you can also follow the #euromaidan and #Kiev hashtags.  We will also update this post accordingly.


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