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Branco Cartoon – Re-Sign

Branco Cartoon – Re-Sign

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southcentralpa | February 3, 2014 at 7:54 am

Seriously, if someone from Boehner’s office or the GOP monitors this to “get the pulse of the base” or whatever,for the love of all that is holy PLEASE tell your bosses: When Dana Milbank is lustily cheering you on, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.


Obama can turn any Immigration Bill into Amnesty with his Presidential Waivers.

Supporting Boehner, Ryan, or any of the GOP leadership is tantamount to supporting Obama…on any issue, they consistently vote to support the destruction of the middle class and our economy.

What will the effect be on the labor market of giving 11 million aliens legal status?

If you answered “Wages will go up” please go to the back of the class.

I can’t help but notice that recently when I see a story about someone agitating for so-called immigration reform, 90% of the time, the “someone” in question is a member of the GOP leadership. We all know the GOP base is against it, but who exactly is for it? I don’t even see liberals pushing very hard for it currently, much less anyone else. This attempt at party suicide is the most baffling episode I can recall in the annals of political history.

I have two theories. One, the GOP is actually afraid to govern, and content to be the minority party forever, having none of the responsibilities of power, while still getting invited to the best cocktail parties. The second, maybe the liberals are right, and the GOP really is so beholden to its corporate masters, it would literally lay down its life for them.

I keep seeing articles and comments on the GOP leadership supporting amnesty but I have yet to see an actual quote of them supporting it or anything close to it. Well, unless you redefine ‘immigration reform’ to ONLY mean amnesty, which it is not. I want immigration reform as well. I want our laws followed that are on the books, which in today’s political climate IS immigration reform.
Paul Ryan has made some statements I would have liked him to clarify, but always prefaced by border security being top priority. I could become a psychic and determine that when he says border security he actually means something else, but I’ve never shown any psychic abilities previously so highly doubt I could demonstrate any now.
Since I am quite determined to support any good fixes to the issue of illegal immigration and don’t want to support anything else, I would definitely read any quotes anyone could produce of GOP leadership making clear statements on supporting amnesty or anything close to it. Not anonymous sources supposedly quoting GOP leadership, or any leftist columnists showing their psychic abilities but actual statements of GOP leadership (in the House, preferably) supporting amnesty in one form or another.
To clarify:
“The action of a government by which all persons or certain groups of persons who have committed a criminal offense—usually of a political nature that threatens the sovereignty of the government (such as Sedition or treason)—are granted Immunity from prosecution.”
Words mean things – Rush Limbaugh

    The keyword which will kill any immigration reform bill is “Comprehensive” which is political speak for Amnesty.

    I am all for Reform, one step at a time.

    #1) Secure Borders. Until this is done, everything else is moot.

    #2) Provide a clear, and easy to understand path towards legal citizenship. (Entering the country illegally would disqualify eligibility, and no progeny of such a person could attain citizenship while the parent continued to reside illegally.)

    #3) Enforce the newly created laws without regard to race, creed, gender, religion or nationality. 14th amendment applies.

    Seems like if these 3 steps could be done, one at a time, we’d have a lot of citizenship problems solved for any and all who wished to apply through legal channels.