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Brainwashing works

Brainwashing works

Repeat “Blame Bush” ad infinitum — it works!

From CNN:

Five years into Obama’s presidency, only a third of the public believes that Obama and the Democrats are primarily responsible for the country’s current economic problems.

More Americans continue to blame former President Bush and the Republicans. But the number who say the GOP is more responsible – now at 44% – has dipped below the 50% mark for the first time since Bush left the White House. Fourteen percent blame both parties equally.

Is anyone surprised?


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It’s a poll. It’s a CNN poll.

It’s not hard when the government provides the data.

The Labor Department says that the economy added 130,000 jobs in January. That is being reported throughout the Media. The actual unadjusted stats say the economy LOST 3 MILLION JOBS in January.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Musson. | February 7, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Has anyone else noticed that when we have a Republican president, that all jobs created are called “low wage service jobs” by each and every Democrat. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we are lead to believe that these must all be long-term, technical, high wage jobs. Of course if they were, they would be filled by qualified Asians and South-Asians since our Gummint Skewlz are only adept at turning out Obama Voters, replete with degrees in advanced arts programs.

Hey, if ObamaDoggle can kill enough job formation to discourage MORE of the labor force, and free others from the oppression of “job-lock” in sufficient numbers…

we’ll be a FULL EMPLOYMENT in no time. At least, that’s what the tortured numbers will say.

I am not surprised. Please excuse my language Professor, but there are a lot of dumba$$es out there that do not use their God-given intellect except to channel surf or facebook.

Figures don’t lie, but liars use figures ~

He’ll never get near my brain…

If Bush was The Problem, wasn’t Obama supposed to be The Answer?

Five years ago Hope and Change left the country looking for their birth certificates.

The Obama-Krugman-Slowskys economic recovery is still downloading. And while you wait for a job and for your health coverage “Please hold.”

In other news, officials are mystified by near normal gasoline sales in the face of so many not working. Where are they getting the money to buy gas?

    Another Voice in reply to platypus. | February 7, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    From you and me!
    Cash back assistance on EBS cards, SS Disability payments (Increased 44 %), Federal and State extended Unemployment payments and currently with the tax season a cash payment of Child care and Earned Income credits of approx. avg. $4500.00. The Obama vision of income equality.

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Another Voice. | February 7, 2014 at 5:32 pm

      Counting all her benefits, a single mother with two kids now gets the equivalent of a $12.00 to $20.00 and hour job, depending on which sow’s teat state she’s plugged into.

      You can use your EBT card for almost everything, including the bar on cruise ships and in casinos. That leaves you a lot of gas money for your baby-daddy’s Escalade or Taho’ [sic].

The American electorate is largely ignorant, laissez faire, and stupid. Politicians use this to their advantage.

    Not A Member of Any Organized Political in reply to walls. | February 7, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    Of course our politicians are also “largely ignorant, laissez faire, and stupid.”

Here is the true horror of this: those people blaming Bush are correct. And it is most important for us to get this right, because if we can’t see that it was “us” Republicans who set up this entire episode, then we will never have the courage to stand up to the establishment Republicans the next time we control the government.


Do the math. Learn the history. Look at 8 years of George Bush and how what he and Republicans did lead inevitably to the economic fail.

Yes, given an opportunity to fix it, DemoNcrats did nothing. And indeed perpetuated the crisis and made it worse, far worse.

But make no mistake, the blame falls on Republicans.

Death to the Republican Party
Long live the Tea Party

    I agree in this sense — Bush made no effort to establish a partisan and civic sea-wall against the rising tide of leftism. His failure to fight the Left or even to vigorously represent the case for conservatism against leftism was a serious dereliction and made the weird phenomenon of a Barack Obama possible. Bush did great damage in his final year; he was simply unable to comprehend the Left and personally unequipped to fight the historic forces moving around and against America during his term. This is entirely consistent with the GOP establishment, which learned nothing from Bush and has barely learned anything from Obama. Because, of course, it cannot. To learn anything it would have to be composed of different kinds of people with a different agenda; those people have formed the Tea Party.

    The Republican party is dead to me and my wallet!

It’s the media, always the media. As Breitbart said so often — the democrats are weak sisters and wouldn’t stand a chance without the media. Destroy the media and you destroy the left.

The control of the media by Obama and co is a problem, but so is the refusal of the Republicans to assess blame to Reid, Pelosi…and yes Obama.

If every Republican was consistently blaming the three stooges of the DNC we might see a difference in polling results.

Consider what your average LIV hears:

The State Media: Bush’s fault
Democrats: Bush’s fault
Republicans: Its complicated

what do you think they take from that?

You can’t blame Obama for this mess. He’s only black.

/s because outrageous outrage ‘n stuff

NC Mountain Girl | February 7, 2014 at 1:04 pm

Note the partisan split- 23%R, 29%D, 48% Independent oR other. No bias there. I suspect other was mostly CPUSA.

The poll has cross tabs on the blame question for almost every breakdown imaginable. Guess what? Young, high school educated Democrat women of color from the the urban northeast who earn under $50K a year overwhelmingly blame Bush. Of course they do. It’s like listening an abused wife/girlfriend. It is never the jerk they married’s fault that he’s a jerk.

Not surprised at all.

Combined today’s Common Core Media with tomorrow’s Common Core educated generation and you can see how easily Idiocracy becomes a documentary.

Can you hear it?

Sometime in 2015, when cries start “Not fair, Obama’s 1st term was Bush! He couldn’t be President and do what he wanted because Bush! It shouldn’t count. He has a right to 2 terms free from Bush!”

As seen from a distance (space and time), the oil paintings in the background appear to have captions: FDR says “What the heck are you all clapping for when so many are out of work?’ and Teddy, rough rider, is saying “Whoa! Enough already of this horsesh*t!”

Government schools = a stupid, gullible electorate = more Democrats.

And yet the millisecond after a Republican takes the oath of office in January, 2017, every single mainstream media reporter will promptly run a story titled “Why the current economic disaster is President X’s fault.”

We see polling asking whether Obama or Bush is responsible for problems of economy.
I would like to see the same poll done with the choice of whether Obama or Reagan is responsible. The results might tell us something about poll validity.

It’s Bush’s fault obammy sucks so bad!